Wednesday, June 20, 2007

oh the french

I was reading "The Narnian," biography of C.S. Lewis and there's this story of how a very young Lewis (or Jacksie) approached his father and said,

"Father, I am prejudice against the french."

When his father asked him why, he said,

"I dont know, that's why its prejudice."

I thought that was funny.... and i quite agree.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

What's the matter with kids today?

I was in the check out aisle of Target when i looked over and saw the latest PEOPLE magazine with a cute, precious, freckled red head on the cover. She had big, blue, doe eyes and a toothy grin. The picture next to that one was a picture taken 9 years later of a tanned, bleached blonde haired bimbo in the front seat of her car with her eyes closed, looking sick from obvious liquor and drug use. I was looking at Lindsay Lohan...obviously. I picked up the magazine and set it next to the bread, shoes, and shampoo I was buying (oh only at Target!)
I have a guilty secret; I am absolutly fascinated by Lindsay Lohan. Not because she's an actress or some what good looking or even that I am a gossip whore but because she is the Barbie doll representitive of the generation we are living in and surrounded by. She makes us ask the question, "what is wrong with these kids today??"
Truly, what is it about this young culture that makes them so utterly self destructive?
I go on to read the article and it tells me about her constant drug and alchohol use and her late night partying with outstanding memebers of the community like Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton. These girls will not stop until they are arrested for DUIs or put into rehab (which they will leave 2 weeks later.)
Of course I am appalled by this kind of behavior but also curious.
What would make a beautiful even slightly talented, america- adored girl, destroy herself?
Is this generation stained by something from the very beggining?
Do we sense the violence of our generation, a generation of "those who survived" and who did not die by their mother's "choice?"
I'm not talking just about Hollywood, the breeding ground for immorality and self-destructiveness, but of all of those who don't make it into the papers or magazines.
This generation has a serious problem.
Before people thought it was because they thought they were immortal...but that isn't the case.
They are reminded every day that they are not.
In fact they know how mortal they really are because every day they are consciously trying to kill themselves.


How do we raise good children in a disease infested generation, a generation that is told that they must drink themselves to death and then they will be happy?

It is a generation of such overwhelming violence and gangs and suicide.

What does this generation know about themselves that makes them this way? What do they sense?
Are we programmed to do this?

It makes me think first about the violence that was brought into this generation, not by those living in it but those before it and a little event called Roe vs Wade.

We are a culture of choice and only exist because your mother chose NOT to kill you.

Think about those aborted; your friends, your neighbors, your cousins and even your future spouse.

We are the ones who SURVIVED the culture of death.

Maybe thats why we are killing ourselves.