Thursday, September 21, 2006

I find you so very repulsive.

Let's cover and issue here ladies and gentlemen, a very sensitive issue...

Let us talk about PORNOGRAPHY

I know, strange and uncomfortable issue.
Why do you think that is?
If it is so natural for a young boy to type in a website and view naked ladies to his hearts content, why do we never really address it? Why is it never really talked about? why is it done in secret?

Why is it a problem?

Why is it a very VERY BIG problem?

Why, that is a lovely question!
Lets take this step by step shall we? The word is greek. Porne- means captive woman, harlot or slave. Graphos- means writting or drawing.
So if we put the two together what to we get? A depiction or description of the activities of whores..........pleasant!

Ok, ok, so the word itself isnt so nice, but i mean, COMEON! who is it hurting honestly!
Well, little boy, you are hurting yourself. You are filling your head with impure images. Images of something that was once sacred, now perverted for your own sexual pleasure.
The problem with pornography is not that it shows too much. Its that it shows too little.
It doesnt show you the dignity of the woman (or judgements here!) you are looking at. It doesnt show you that woman as a young girl, playing with her barbies or sleeping in her crib with her little pigtails, sucking her thumb or sitting on her mommy's lap. You dont see those things. You see an object for pleasure. Something to look at. You dont see someones daughter or sister or niece or grandaughter. All you see are fantasies.
Now your mind works ONLY in fantasies. These images arent real. They are stories. They pervert your sense of reality. You will no longer know what a real and beautiful relationship looks like. Your expectations for your spouse are much to high. You compare her to a fantasy that is not a reality.
The other problem with a fantasy-life is now you have created a monster. A monster that cannot be satisfied. Your expectations for your spouse are too high, you turn to someone else. You go from woman to woman (or man) trying to fulfill your fantasy. Soon your options begin to run out. What do you have to turn to now? more pictures, more movies? How about the little girl sitting on the floor playing with her dolls.
Why yes, yes it is. You have become very, very sick. Who would hurt a child? Who would think of a child in that way?!
Well why not...the actress in that movie last night was once that child.
Your lust cannot be stopped. In your mind that little girl becomes nothing more than another object.
You dont believe me do you?
Ask a rapist, a murderer, a child molestor if they were ever involved in hard core porn. Youd be surprised how many say they were.
What happens is that you are desensitized.
Pornography which was once seen as shocking, taboo illegal or repulsive though still arousing, in time came to be acceptable and comonplace. Pornography disturbes the fragile bonds of family and marriage. It destroys you. It destroys healthy love, real love. it degrades women so that women are no longer people, but cattle.
Ever heard of child pornography?
Disgusting right? Vulgar, Immoral, un-ethical and just plain wrong.
Funny, thats how they used to describe pornography in general.

Pornography is dangerous and wrong.

It hurts not only you but those it depicts. It destroys you slowly till you are nothing but a desire. Everything else no longer matters.
Your family doesnt matter.
Your children dont matter.

What happens to that child that finds daddys magazine under the bed?
Who looks through it, not knowing what it is?
Wondering, why her dad has pictures of women that arent her mother.

you explain to her why you do what you do.

go ahead.

then tell her that she might be able to make a great living doing that one day.