Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am a feminist?

The word feminism comes from the word feminine, certain unique characteristics attributed to women. But when you look at women today, they aren’t quite feminine.In fact, Women aren’t women at all anymore.Radical feminism has managed to annihilate all that which makes us who we were created to be. Male and female He created them. Women have fought so hard to make themselves equal to men, when in fact; men and women are not equal at all. We are complementary.We fulfill each other. One was created for the other.If we were equal, we could not exist together as partners, as mates to complete one another. We were both given qualities and natures that accent each other and complement each other.When we eliminate certain natures and gifts that were given to us by God, we set ourselves up for ultimate failure. -We see actually that (to quote our dear Mr. Lasseter,) God’s final creation was his first intention. What was God’s final creation? WOMEN. -Women are the only creatures than can fulfill God’s Covenant. -Unfortunately today we don’t see women as true women anymore.Our society looks at mothers as weak, subordinate and unable to control their own lives. -So we also see so many single mothers today, who "don’t need no baby's daddy."-Marriages are crumbling because those involved have sought to use each other by sterilizing the other. -Sex is selfish and used only to benefit oneself. A lot of times if children are created as a result of a sex they are immediately destroyed, sometimes even if the couple is married.-Men no longer protect women or their dignity. Chivalry has become almost extinct. -- -Men do not respect women, they are taught to be predators and look at women only as sexual objects. -If men are not hunting after women, they are whining after them. -They are completely unmasculine, sissy and unable to defend themselves or others.So what do we do? How do we fix this?The answer is for us women to be women! We must protect our gifts given to us by God. We must be feminine and be what we were created to be. Who better to look at for an example at true feminity but the ultimate perfect women...The Virgin Mary.Mary is a model for all women. From the time Mary is immaculately conceived she shows the feminine attribute of openness and willingness to do God’s work. She reveals to women the unique feminine characteristic of receptivity to life and fruitfulness. Mary said ‘yes’ to God and conceived Jesus. With her ‘yes’ she becomes the new Eve, the woman God first intended. She said yes when Eve said no. Mary then becomes the model of true womanhood and true femininity.
Through out the old and new testament “Fruitfulness” and “fertility” are re-occurring themes. God first Commanded Adam and Eve to be “fruitful’ and multiply, it was his covenant with mankind. Fruitfulness and fertility are constant gifts and blessings given by God to his chosen people as a fulfillment of his covenant with us. Only women are fertile and only women can bear fruit, we fulfill God’s promise. What greater gift could we ask for?
Unfortunately today we see that radical feminism demoralizes and undermines true femininity by rejecting what is unique only to women, fertility. Our society now sees child bearing as a curse and an obstacle to the pursuit of SELF. Children get in the way of our careers and our excessive life styles. Fertility and life are being destroyed and it is being done through contraception and abortion.
Contraception takes away a woman’s God given gift of fertility and turns her into merely an object for sexual pleasure. Abortion takes away the life of a child given by God. Through abortion a woman is cruelly violated, a life is being torn from her womb, and she must live the rest of her life knowing deep down inside that she took the life of her own child. After Roe vs. Wade, statistics showed that suicide rates in women started to increase dramatically. There was an increase in rape cases and also a dramatic increase in pornography. There is no respect for human life and the dignity of women any more. Women are seen as cattle simply to be used merely for pleasure without worry of pregnancy. This is what radical feminism is fighting for. In an article written by Anne Mercedes Maloney PhD, professor of philosophy at the college of Saint Catherine’s she said:
The path to liberation, according to radical feminism, is to make women as much like men as possible. Thus the move toward contraception, which tells women they cannot be equal to men unless they chemically or surgically alter their bodies to be more like male bodies. The implication is that the female body needs fixing. Women can walk away from sexual encounters as easily as men. Thus, once again, the male model is offered as the paradigm. And when the contraception fails (as all forms do), the social culture offers a woman the "choice" to have her body surgically invaded and her unborn child torn from her womb so that she will not have to lose out in the public, competitive world--the male world. The road to freedom, equality, dignity, says the contraceptive and abortive culture to young women, is to stop acting like a woman, and start acting like a man. Above all else, the culture adds, do not expect the world to respect what is distinctively female about you....The feminist movement is no longer about the rights of women that men had, but it is now about turning women into men. Feminism has become exactly what women were fighting against in the first place. We see not only are women rejecting their true nature and gifts but men do so as well. Men are to protect women, protect God’s fulfillment of His covenant to mankind. Men do not do so any more. Many husbands encourage their wives to take birth control, pumping her full of chemicals so that he can be satisfied without the obligation to children.We also see this with Pornography.A man no longer sees women as a beautiful creation of God’s design, but a creature merely to be used for his own self-gratification. And once he is done, he moves on to the next fantasy as easily flipping a page or typing in a web address. Our beloved Pope John Paul II said of pornography that it does not show too much, but it shows too little. It does not show the true dignity of a woman, merely her body.

So, what do we do? What needs to be done? We need a new feminism, one that embraces and ultimately encourages true femininity. What is true femininity? -Femininity is being a mother, having openness to life, to love. - It is being modest; it is respecting your feminine body. Not only in dress but also in speech and action- it is being receptive to life, open to the love of husband and the love of God.- Men, stand up for women…for the love of God, BE A MAN!!! Do not be a pig.-Women, Feminism-- is being a WOMAN not a MAN!!!This is true empowerment of women. It is being the beautiful loving and unique creature God created to be the paragon of creation. THIS is feminism.